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Postalie is the best solution for people who love to send postcards but don't like going to the post office and buying stamps. It's super easy to use and you can send postcards anywhere in the world. I really love the fact that I can personalize the font and choose my pictures. Being able to share my adventures in a more personal way makes me feel closer to my people!
Aude S.
I used to send postcards, simple fast and personalized. I love
Tiphany C.
Frequently Asked Questions
To make your birthday card very special and unique, try to write a message that refers to moments that you shared with that person. That way, each time the persons will look at your card, they will remember the sweet moment they shared with you. Here's a example of a birthday card sent from one of our user:

Dear Kevin,
I just wanted to wish you a fantastic birthday! I hope you have a nice day and that you'll enjoy the special day with your friend and family. Remember that time at in the montains? We smoke our first cigarettes hiddin from my mum and dad, it was so funny!
Sure! If you have a nice photo of you and your friend, just upload this photo on Postalie and we will take care of priting it on you postcard to make it unique!
Of course! Postalie will send all your postcard internationally for the same fixed price! Don't worry about the delivery, we take care of it!
How much does a postcard cost?

Our pricing is very simple, you just have to pay and Postalie will print, stamp and send your postcard.

$3 /postcard​
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